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Enjoy the best of Cozumel in one day, accompanied by local guides! ⁣If you want to take advantage of the time and know the best places in Cozumel, then you need Black Hat Tours service.

Who are we?

Black Hat Tours is basically a private taxi driver service.

Crescencio López is the owner of this small business and has been working as a taxi driver since 1999. He has been offering customized tour services to visitors in Cozumel for 16 years. If you want to read some experiences of previous clients you can click here.

The Black Hat Tours goal is to offer each customer a unique experience doing the best we can for you and your passengers to enjoy the best of Cozumel. For us it’s a pleasure to meet and serve people from all over the world and share with them the beauty of the place we live.

We are honest people who enjoy our work, rest assured that you can trust us. Because we care about our customers, we provide customized tours based on your request and interests. We keep our vehicles in good condition and we take care of special needs.

Let us be your guide during your visit to Cozumel!

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Driving all the time at home? Always miss the view? Yes, we know. This is why you need a private tour. Cozumel is a paradise and you should enjoy it the most you can! With Black Hat Cozumel Tours, you don’t have to worry about traffic, street names or getting lost. All you have to do is sit back, relax and share your time and new discoveries with your friends and family. 


Be safe

We know it may be fun to drive a motorcycle but it is not safe. Also, driving after drinking alcohol may result in a tragic accident. At Back Hat Cozumel Tours, we care about you and keep our vehicles in the best conditions. We have responsible drivers who will give their best to make sure you feel safe during the tour. 


Customized Tour

Black Hat Tours does not have preset tours or schedules. We take you where you want to go by designing a tour based on your interests and requests so you can experience the best of Cozumel. Don’t worry if you change your mind during the tour. We adapt to your needs at any time during your tour of Cozumel. We are here to serve you! 



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Ways to have fun

In Cozumel there are endless possibilities for activities and Tours to enjoy with all the family and for all ages, from a relaxed massage in the Spa to the most extreme activities.

Here are some suggestions, based on our clients most  requested activities:




Archaelogical Sites


Day at the Beach


Tequila Tour


Tour of flavors of Mexico

Customer Reviews

 “Amazing people, I would recommend this amazing tour company to everyone! We had a the best time ever!”

– Amy Rose Gasper-Burke

They were so wonderful and thoughtful. They took special care to make sure we had a wonderful time. They took us to one of their favorite restaurants which was just fabulous.

– Cindy Gasper Lewicki

“I’ve been to Cozumel at least 5 or 6 times and our visit last April was the BEST visit so far! We saw the island through new eyes and we can’t wait to return and see everyone again.”

– Debra Gaines

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Let us be your guide during your visit to Cozumel.